Wallbreakers is hiring creative-first/mission-driven humans

To grow our social impact startup and take it to the next level

Wallbreakers is growing! We are looking for creative-first humans driven by a social mission and passionate about helping other humans from diverse backgrounds get hired as software engineers, data scientists, and UX.

If you identify with these qualities, we are aligned!
-creative (first and foremost)
- community-driven
- sharp tech skills
- growth-oriented
- inspired by the mission of Wallbreakers
-can execute with the head&heart in equal proportion

This is more than a recruiter, more than a trainer, more than a growth expert, and more than a community manager- it is all of the above.

Your job responsibilities will include one or more of the following areas:

Data Tracking
Help with training
Candidate Tracking
Candidate Outreach
Candidate Communication
Growth & Scaling
New Candidate Onboarding

(Note: We are also looking for senior trainers, but that’s a different job!)

If that's you, email us at contact@wallbreakers.com!