Virtual Internships: Eliminating the Burden

Here's how.

The employment picture looks pretty dark.  But the ingenuity of young people will rebuild the world.  For tech companies, that ingenuity will come in handy immediately.  Social distancing has reordered our society and our economy. Technology is helping businesses, from global behemoths to neighborhood restaurants, manage their supply chains and reach out to customers during social distancing.  Software engineers have become even more essential to the circulatory system of the world economy. They are keeping the economy alive during a dark time.

Now would be the ideal time for companies to invest in bringing young software engineers into their talent pipeline.  But companies may be overwhelmed with the hourly business fire drills caused by COVID 19 and the economic disruption.

 Forward-thinking companies see the incredible need to build out digital businesses to meet the needs of a transformed society.  And they understand the need to develop and maintain a pipeline of talent and position themselves for the future.

But social distancing and the fire drills that come with the current business climate create enormous logistical hurdles to running a normal internship program.  Interns need to be onboarded, trained and supervised in their assignments.

 If you are not planning an internship for software engineers or continue with your entry-level onboarding, we have developed a simple, uncomplicated program to enable forward-thinking companies to continue to offer internships for software engineers during the chaotic current moment of social distancing. I am also attaching a White Paper about our Program. We are offering to run your internship program for you.

We can either  (i) run it in its entirety for you, or (ii) embedded interns into your existing team and provide ongoing support and technical mentorship to facilitate successful outcomes.

You provide us with:

  •  Criteria for selecting interns;

  •   Project details including objectives, metrics, and deliverables for interns to work on. Don’t worry we will send you the detailed list of question for your team so that this becomes as seamless as possible

  • Other items

We can provide you with the following:

  • Candidates for internships (if needed);

  • Selection (if needed);

  •  allocation design of the Intern teams as a turnkey solution;

  • Customized training, specifically focused on the technology stack for the project the interns will be shipping 

  •   Supervision of interns on your projects

  • Weekly 1 on 1s

  • Iteration planning and retrospective

  • 1 on 1 coaching / mentoring support for interns for specific technical issues

  •  Evaluation of intern performance and skillsets

  • Monthly or bi-weekly feedback and roundtable discussions

  • Peer support/buddy system assignment and management 

Part of intern salaries may be covered by federal or state apprenticeship programs.

 We can provide the kinds of side-by-side white-boarding and pair programming experiences that are the hallmarks of successful interns and employee development.

 Participating in this program would mark your company as committed to maintaining its position as a market leader and send a strong signal to the community of young, diverse software engineers of your future that reflect your values.


Andrea Guendelman
CEO, Wallbreakers