The Growth Issue

Grow now because the world needs enlightened leaders

No matter where you are in your career, you must grow. At the beginning of our journey, it’s easy to grow as we are sponges and willing to learn. But as we get old, it becomes much harder. To grow, you need to look deep inside and ask serious questions on a regular basis.

  • What triggers us?

  • What are the unresolved issues that prompt you to make an “automatic response”?

  • What is holding you back?

This does not require years of therapy but a lifetime commitment to a mindset that is about personal responsibility and co-creation—a lifetime commitment to learning from everything in front of us, particularly from our emotions.

Every moment you are experiencing life is a learning opportunity. With that mindset, you never grow old. You never lose energy. You are like a child at the amusement park; life is your adventure.

To avoid looking inside is to fall back into “default” programming” from past experiences. Not understanding why we are repeating the same mistakes over and over again is to die.

  • What if you were able to join a circle of peers that are in a similar situation?

  • What if you were able to join a circle that is looking to advance to the next level of their careers with you?

What if all of this was made with some mindfulness and deep awareness. Without the competitive and strenuous pace of getting ahead, but mostly with the intention to become the best version of yourself

As a senior executive, board member, or even CEO, you will be able to influence the type of workspace of your dreams. This is an invitation to rewrite the rules for the future: taking from the old, adding the new, and dreaming what is possible. In short, this is an opportunity to show the world your vision of what you would like to see.

For men and women, this means tapping and embracing both their feminine and masculine.

We have created a series of offering to help you do just that!

You will work with a mix of spiritual coaches and seasoned business leaders to help you achieve the next level.

We will be launching our expert circles soon!

But in the meanwhile…I invite you to join our New Moon Circle (for women and men).

When?: Friday, October 16th at 7 pm EST.

Use the following zoom link or RSVP:

What is the New Moon Circle?

We meet and connect with others; we share from our hearts, we are seen and supported. We receive wisdom on the lunar cycle and the God/dess within. This is the ideal time to set intentions and energies for your desires, goals, and dreams.

This activity is particularly useful for groups.