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Back in February, we hosted an amazing lunch and learn session on the topic of retention of tech talent from underrepresented backgrounds. We discussed how wellness and self-mastery programming have emerged as one of the most powerful tools to address the issue of retention.

Mental health and wellness were once considered taboo topics in the workplace. But in 2020, they became major areas of focus for companies. For every dollar spent on wellness programs, companies can expect their healthcare costs to decrease by $3.27. As the world (and workplace) becomes more unpredictable, self-mastery skills will be the key to employee success. 

Employees responded to this year’s challenges by focusing on skills like managing stress and adapting to change. Courses related to anxiety management, resilience, and stress management skills saw quadruple-digit growth in 2020.

Growth in the demand of Self Mastery Skills Training:

Anxiety management + 3,967 %

Resilence + 1,296 %

Stress management + 1,015 %

Mindfulness  + 784 %

Meditation + 886 %

(Source: Udemy)

Wallbreakers has responded to this increased demand by creating an offering of self-mastery skills training for employers that are passionate about helping their employees thrive.

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In particular, our offering focuses on programming to help companies retain underrepresented talent. By addressing personal well-being, companies can help employees from diverse backgrounds:

  • feel valued and welcomed,

  • develop purpose-driven careers,

  • find their passion and “flow” within their organization,

  • stay engaged, and

  • be mindful, healthy, and joyful at work and in their personal lives.

The W2 Solution:

We create programs customized to align with the vision, mission, and purpose of the organization. The program can be created in conjunction with an Employee Resource Group (ERG) or any other team in the organization.

The wellness-focused program can be offered as either:

  • a benefit that employees choose or as a part of the organization’s internal programming. 

  • Our wellness-focused programming can also offer support that is personalized for individual employees.  Wellness-focused programming can support onsite and offsite/remote work environments.

The benefits:  

Our programming can help organizations:

  • Retain and develop employees;

  • Improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction;

  • Create dynamic relationships in the workplace; and

  • Foster a wellness culture within the larger organization.

Our programming can help employees:

  • Develop new skills to improve mindfulness;

  • Focus on strength and integrity

  • Gain confidence and understanding of the impact of one’s voice 

  • Get career advice;

  • Look at fear in a different way and overcome the boundaries it places on careers and personal lives;

  • Learn how to handle the judgment of others in the workplace;

  • Navigate power dynamics within an organization in a healthy manner; 

  • Increase focus, attention & conscious decision making;

  • Reduce stress by learning to move past the “story” of drama and negative situations;

  • Cultivate using one’s intuition as a guiding force;

  • Source one’s inner power with confidence;

  • Find ways to have a positive and sustainable impact in the workplace and in the world;

  • Develop leadership skills; and

  • Find ways to articulate values and integrate them with work.

If you are interested in this solution for your employees, please contact me by replying to this email or book a call with me here.

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