What is inclusive innovative corporate social responsibility?

And the rise of communal skills

1. What is Inclusive Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility?

Innovative corporate responses is a term that encompasses the various innovative corporate responses that try to help people and the planet in an inclusive manner.

I believe this field will explode and will become a core business function. Leaders for this role will have to be eclectic, flexible, and socially conscious, while still working with a bottom-line orientation.  

Consumers will place a higher priority on corporations’ stand on social issues and their citizenship actions, and information about this aspect of corporations’ behavior will be shared rapidly. 

So which areas/topics are included in Inclusive Inclusive Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility?

  1. Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (known today as Diversity and Inclusion)

  2. Workforce Development: This includes upskilling, reskilling, and training.

  3. Immigration Policies: Companies will need to take a stand on immigration reform.

  4. The rise of the feminine in business: This will include redefining what leadership should look like, including vulnerability, role models, and management of emotions in the workplace.

  5. Radical Collaboration: This area includes the shift from individual work products to communal, teamwork products.

  6. Sustainability: This area includes environmental consideration at every level of decision making

  7. Inclusive Supply Chains: Companies will have to find more inclusive, fair supply chains that employ women and other unskilled labor in the countries where they do business, such as India, Africa, and Asia.

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    2. What does the rise of communal skills mean?

    Corporate Social Responsibility will increasingly become merged with Diversity and Inclusion. Companies will need to take a stand on social justice. We have seen companies like Target step in with clear statements and compassion social unrest and social justice. We will also see a rise in employee rights movements. Some have been started by employees of Instacart and Amazon. I predict they will gain more power. Companies will need to acknowledge labor movements and create strategies to work with them.

    At the heart of all these changes is collaboration. Collaboration between management and workers, between the private and public sectors, etc. Collaborative/ communal work is seen as a female quality even though no scientific studies have indicated that’s the case. However, women have developed these skills so we may see an increasing need for women as leaders and mentors.

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