New Record: 13k+ CS Majors Resumes(from the US & Canada)

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It’s been a busy 2021 for Wallbreakers. We have added over 2k candidates in the last month (from 0 to 5 years of experience and from universities all over the US and Canada!)

This is a good time to start working with us. Graduations are already happening, so many of our candidates will be joining the tech workforce within the next few months. 

Most importantly, the number of students we support is growing every month and we have reached over 13k candidates.

This month, we announced a partnership among Wallbreakers -UC Riverside to offer the Amazon curriculum to UCR students and grads: See the impact that #Wallbreakers can make!

Does your company or organization need cs majors? Looking for tech talent? Message us for access to 13k+ resumes you can review!