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How to onboard a diverse team and more!

Onboarding a Diverse Team

Give feedback early on

  • Many new hires may feel imposter syndrome upon starting a new job, and that may increase among new hires who have to overcome self-doubt based on centuries of discrimination

  • Giving clear constructive criticism and suggestions can ease some anxieties and provide new hires with a better idea of the type of work that you are looking for

    Assign a mentor who comes from a similar background

  • Allows new hires to see more representation in their line of work

  • Gives diverse hires a designated person to ask questions so that they feel safe in confiding in someone who understands where they are coming from

  • If the mentor is someone from a higher-level position, then the new hire will see the type of work that may be available to them in the future

    Have one-on-one sessions between hires and management

  • Give the new hires the chance to ask questions that they may not be comfortable asking in meetings

  • Let the new hires know that you care about and respect them enough to want to hear their comments and suggestions directly

  • New hires from underrepresented backgrounds may especially need to know this since they may still feel imposter syndrome during the first few weeks on the job

Have Clear Anti-Discrimination Policies

  • Clearly establish anti-discrimination policies so that all current employees are aware of the type of behavior that is acceptable and so that new diverse hires know that they are protected by these rules

       Educate yourself

  • Understand the statistics on the number of people who leave jobs in the first few months and why

  • Emphasis on the number of people who left and identified as a member of a marginalized group (ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.)

  • Emphasis on the number of marginalized people who left due to feeling discriminated against or unwelcome in the workplace

  • Learn appropriate terminology to avoid offending new hires or making them uncomfortable

  • Learn about the typical stereotypes that are often associated with marginalized groups and how those stereotypes have prevented people from advancing in the workplace.

    We are launching W-Squared!, to help with retention and wellbeing.

    When one employee lights up, it can affect the entire corporation.”  This is called the rippling effect of wellness.

    Market research shows skyrocketing employee demand for employer-offered wellness programs that alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. There is a great need for these programs; the World Health Organization predicts that depression will become the largest health risk worldwide by 2030.  From stressed-out Millennials to aging Baby Boomers, individuals are seeking new and insightful ways to overcome their personal and professional challenges.

    During these tumultuous times, we seek to address these critical needs and help companies create meaningful wellness programming for their diverse employees.  The goal is to help employees find balance in their lives. Wellness programs are particularly important for Black and Latin (x/a/o) employees in a time of extreme vulnerability in our society.

    By addressing personal well-being, companies help diverse employees:
    - Feel valued and welcomed;
    - Develop purpose-driven careers,
    - Find their passion and “flow” within their organization,
    stay engaged; and
    - Be mindful, healthy, and joyful at work and in their personal lives.

    To learn more, join us at our upcoming Lunch & Learn: Retaining Diverse Technical Talent in a Covid World on February 11 at 4 pm EST.

    We are bringing together a world-class group of experts in diversity tech hiring and retention, corporate inclusion, wellness, indigenous training, energy management, and more.

    It takes a village and we look forward to seeing you there. 

    Wallbreakers Team

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