Humanizing AI: Crafting Ethical Solutions for the Future of Work

Calling all industry leaders, AI practitioners, innovators and entrepreneurs

We are inviting al industry leaders, AI practitioners, Innovators & Entrepreneurs, to a 3-day event, Hack4theFuture: Humanizing AI. The event will take place from November 6-8, 2020.

The event will have a special focus on how we can ensure AI and Future of Work is ethical, does not widen disparities, and can humanize and improve processes at scale

We currently have close to 200 participants to tackle the evolving COVID19 challenges that pushed many companies over the tipping point, needing new solutions.

Here is what you can expect:

 Apply to participate as individuals or teams. No coding required. Bring problems, solutions, or both. As individual participants, you will be teamed up with like-minded fellow participants. If you choose to participate in a team, you can participate as a company team, an entrepreneurial team, etc.

 Pitch to judges, sponsors and compete for the prize on Sunday

 Network with problem-solvers from around the world in the virtual MIT ecosystem

 Be mentored by leading experts in the field who have written policy, designed innovation, built successful technology businesses, have funded entrepreneurs, and many more

 Be discovered by the sponsors

Apply to Participate

Hack for the Future is proud to be supported by organizations including the MIT Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, MIT Innovation Initiative, Government, Healthcare companies, and many more.


Rob Yang and Andrea Guendelman