Honest Conversation with Isaac Saldana: My path from UC Riverside alum to founder of a publicly-traded company

Plus we will discuss fear, "being ready", limiting beliefs, and much more.

  • Learn about Isaac Saldana. Learn about his career path from UC Riverside graduate to founding and taking a company public.

  • Learn about yourself. We will have an honest conversation about fear, “being ready”, limitations and obstacles to getting to where you want to be in your career.

  • Learn about the steps you can take in your career to get anywhere you want to go.

  • Learn about the Wallbreakers program and how we are working with amazing companies such as Amazon to invite more talent to the table

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, May 11, at 5 pm PST!

This event is for:

-software developers at any stage of their careers

-anyone interested in looking deeper and clear their obstacles, fears, and limitations in their careers and how to move forward

-anyone interested in learning more about Wallbreakers and our work helping candidates get the best jobs in tech