The Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Edition

Plus executive job opportunities

Many things are changing. Companies are being asked to fix their diversity issues by tomorrow. That’s simply not possible. I have been working on Diversity and Inclusion most of my career and it has been hard work. But for those of us who have been involved and seen all efforts fail before, we have a feeling that this time will be different. Companies are listening. Equity/Diversity and Inclusion are becoming a core business issue due to social unrest, economic climate, and expectations. Some companies are moving their recruiting to report to Equity instead of Human Resources. Those are big shifts.

We are going to start seeing more and more that the function of Corporate Social Responsibility becomes merged with Diversity and Inclusion. Companies will increasingly need to take a stand on social justice. We have seen companies step in like Target, with clear statements and compassion.

We will also see a rise in employee rights movements. Some have been started by employees of Instacart and Amazon. I predict they will gain more power. Labor movements would need to be acknowledged and companies will need to create strategies.

At the heart of all these changes, will be collaboration. Collaboration between management and workers, between the private and public sectors, etc.

I also wanted to tell you about me. If you are receiving this newsletter, you probably know about me. But if you don’t, I would like to introduce myself.

I have founded and built technology companies that connect talent-hungry companies at the cutting edge of tech, finance, and media with underrepresented talented individuals who are looking for opportunities.

Most recently I co-founded WallBreakers, a technology platform that uses AI to help train and “upskill” underrepresented software engineers, helping them improve their coding, problem-solving and soft skills for positions at leading tech companies. My prior startup s, BeVIsible, focused on creating online career networking communities for Latinx and other individuals from underrepresented communities.

I consult extensively on developing human capital – including diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives; career development; and upskilling—for major universities; private sector companies, from the Fortune 500 to startups; and non-profits. I have curated major conferences and festivals on social entrepreneurship, technology, and diversity, drawing hundreds or thousands of individuals, and speakers and performers ranging from Al Gore to Devendra Banhart. Earlier in my career, I worked as a finance lawyer at the international law firm of Debevoise and Plimpton and at the Export-Import Bank of the United States. I earned law degrees from Harvard Law School and the University of Chile. I am currently enrolled in the Executive MBA program at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

I would love to talk about Diversity and Inclusion at your workplace.

Contact me here: or text me at 505 2052723

If you are interested in posting jobs in this newsletter or finding underrepresented software engineers please contact me.

Executive Job Opportunities:

Our partner company is looking for a VP of Sales and VP of Finance, both in the Denver Area., just raised its series A. They are particularly interested in women and underrepresented candidates.

For the VP of Sales role. the candidate should have SAAS sales experience and be excited about employee development.

For the VP of Finance role, the candidate should be ready to work with budgets and forward-looking statements. is one of the leading companies in employee satisfaction and retention in the US. If you are interested in receiving the full job description please email me at

Upcoming Events:

 We are excited to work with the Tech Women Network. They are leading a lunch and learn series featuring Diversity and Inclusion leaders as the conversation is very, very relevant in today’s climate.

Join Margot and Andrea for the upcoming sessions:

  • 6/17 – Margo’t @ SAP

Margo’t Goodson, Director of Diversity and Inclusion – North America, SAP America, Inc.

Meeting ID: 823 5989 2570

Password: 325564

  • 6/24 – Andrea @ Wallbreakers

Andrea Guendelman, Co-Founder, Wallbreakers

Meeting ID: 853 1561 6540

Password: 965930

If you want to learn more about Wallbreakers, read this: 

- There's a massive talent gap in the technology field and a huge challenge to hire for diversity. 

- Wallbreakers has been investing in underrepresented CS talent, to improve their coding, interpersonal, and interviewing skills to help them land great jobs, at no charge to the student. 

- AI built using diverse datasets from underrepresented populations achieves accurate predictions and breaks the problem of bias in the recruiting process. 

Wallbreakers differentiation: 

- Student: Network of 10,000 POC, Women, First-Gen underrepresented CS Community

- Algorithm:  Talent Matching, Employer Skill Gaps, Candidate Training Gaps

- Skill Development: Career Pathing & Training 

Training Overview: 

- CS majors undergo 200 hours of coding over six weeks 

- Wallbreakers is an industry-recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP) of the US Dept. of Labor (Employers hiring WB talent can be reimbursed for 40% of 6 months of salary by US DOL) 

- Training Prerequisites:

  • CS Degree

  • Languages 

    • Any dynamic: Python, Ruby, Javascript

    • Any static: C, C++, Java or other 

- Week by Week Topics Summary: sent in deck 

Employers: Visa, Airbnb, Humu, Joylabs,, Gusto, etc. 

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