You bet! Meditation before a meeting is becoming the new normal.

December 2022

Hiring Gen Z: The community revolution Monday, Dec. 12, 2022 at 5pm PacificThanks for reading Andrea’s Newsletter! Subscribe for free to receive new…

November 2022

The Capital Boutique

October 2022

The Challenges of attracting and building loyalty among Gen Z candidates
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September 2022

Mindfulness & Meditation Experience to Find Happiness and Balance in Your Career

August 2022

+ More Cutting Edge Readings

July 2022

+ 30 Software Engineers Making an Impact
July 28, 2022 12pm ET / 4pm UTC

June 2022

Last week I was invited to talk in front of HR Leaders at Checkr, Namely, and Greenhouse about inclusive leadership. Here’s a transcript of the talk…
Thursday June 23 @ 10 am PT: Namely + Greenhouse + Checkr Webinar
+ Social media response to layoffs.